Renginių serijos "DEAR DANCE, MEET SOCIETY" vakaro pokalbis

Rugpjūčio 1 d. 19:00, Menų spaustuvė (Šiltadaržio 6, Vilnius).

Menų spaustuvėje reziduojantys choreografas Vincent Bozek (Prancūzija) ir tyrėjas Simo Vassinen (Suomija) rugpjūčio 1 dieną, kviečia į atvirą diskusiją/vakaro pokalbį.
Daugiau informacijos apie renginį agnlų k.:
August 1 (Friday) at 19:00, Arts Printing House, Siltadarzio str. 6, Vilnius
Afternoon drinks with a chat on dance and society.
Researcher Simo Vassinen calls together an afternoon that connects the debates of contemporary dance and society. The Talk Show invites dancers, non-dancers, designers, artists, musicians, journalists and other passersby to have a drink or two, and see how we can address common ideas from different viewpoints.
The question of meaning in society is not limited to one form of arts, analysis or entertainment. Arriving from the noise of Berlin, the Talk Show hosts are faced with many questions about understanding society and finding a place in it, be it through dance or other outputs. The aim of the two-week Vilnius residency is to exchange these thoughts with the local community.
We will see clips from Berlin-based choreographer Vincent Bozek and team’s new piece ‘Cowboys’, which investigates the struggle of today’s young masses as they search for meaning in the big cities and online – building a bridge to the Wild West cowboys with opportunity in their eyes.
The first steps of this choreographic process are mixed with other inserts: how can dance and other arts deal with society and politics with two feet on the ground? What is triggered when we see arts and entertainment, or watch the news? What do cities like Vilnius and Berlin share, and what are more local thoughts? Join us!
Vincent Bozek first studied Humanities and has been working with contemporary dance, choreography and movement research in e.g. Berlin, Madrid, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Tashkent and Caracas. His new piece ‘Cowboys’ relates through dance and sound the problematics of today’s freelancers looking for answers in the big cities to the troubled pioneers of the Wild West.
Simo Vassinen is a journalist-researcher and performance artist. He has worked for e.g. think tank Demos Helsinki and Monocle magazine. His current interests lie in putting performance, dance and other arts on the same page with journalism, politics and lowbrow culture.

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