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Brasil & Portugal
The most symptomatic aspect of Jonas & Lander's artistic path is definitely their curiosity for music and their will to read dance as a rhythmical form. In this workshop the rhythm is going to be worked as a tool for manipulating time/space and from this relationship studying the weights of a gesture. We are going to take care of our rhythmic sense, and put it in communication with the rhythm of the others, studying dance as a musical manoeuvre. The body is worked as a musical instrument and in collective exercises, will be formed structures of sound composition that will also open many fields of dialogue. We will learn to close our eyes and amplify the sound sensitivity. We will hear the sound before the word. We will sweat a lot!
BIOGRAPHIES / Lander Patrick and Jonas Lopes
Lander Patrick (Brasil) worked around the world with people he admires, such as Luís Guerra, Tomaz Simatovic, Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Jonas Lopes and others. After winning two awards in choreography - 1st prize at the Koreografskih Minijatura Festival (Serbia) for “Noodles Never Break When Boiled” and 2nd prize at the No Ballet International Choreography Competition (Germany) for “Cascas d’OvO” ("Eggshells"), he found the motivation to work in the field of choreographic creation. “Cascas d’OvO” was selected for Aerowaves Priority Company 2014 and his work has been presented in Portugal, Italy, Sweden, USA, Germany, Brazil, France, England, Spain, Serbia, Poland, Switzerland, etc.
Lander met his partner Jonas Lopes at the Escola Superior de Dança (ESD - Superior Dance School) and since collaborated. In the future, they intend to move to Sintra, capital of romanticism, to wrap thoughts in the moss and to express other forms of art, blending steam and smoke.
Jonas Lopes (Portugal) attended Chapitô school, where he spent three years with teachers Sofia Neuparth, Amélia Bentes, and António Pires. He participated in an artistic residency in Italy, completed an internship on the stage of the São Luiz theatre. Jonas worked with Rosa Negra’s album Fado Mutante, released in 2011 and winner of the 2012 Carlos Paredes award. He is admitted to Escola Superior de Dança, where he began to create his own work in collaboration with Lander Patrick. Jonas feels truly privileged to travel, learn and work with theatre, music, and dance artists like Margarida Bettencourt, Tiago Guedes, Sofia de Portugal, and Maria João, among others. Their work is characterized by integration of locals into the creative process, decantered music and used it as a form of expression, desire to establish music as a communicative and participatory vehicle.
Photos by D. Matvejev