Open Call for 2015 Paid Residency at the Arts Printing House
Arts Printing House offers a paid residency to professional international artists in contemporary performing arts field: contemporary circus, theatre, dance. As well the Arts Printing House opens residency to the Producers of performing arts: art directors, festival programmers or managers of the field. We try to encourage and strengthen the interaction between Lithuanian artists and guests from other countries via Artists in Residence program Print Art on Stage.
* Arts Printing House offers: 1-4 weeks residency (from June to August, it is also possible to manage a residency in October – December too) at the Arts Printing House. Residents can choose acceptable space at the venue for a preferable periodo of time and they have to cover their travel expenses, accommodation and all other expenses such as living costs, materials, insurance and local transport costs in the country. However we can offer our help to find available place to live. The residency takes place at the Arts Printing House, lively and diverse contemporary culture venue situated in the Old Town of Vilnius.
* Disciplines: Contemporary Performing Arts: Contemporary Circus, Theatre, Dance, Administrative
* Location:
Arts Printing House (or Menų spaustuvė in Lithuanian) is a unique creative phenomenon in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius, a vibrant performing arts venue and a meeting place for artistic souls. Established in a former printing house dating back to 1805 it produced a different kind of layouts, typecasts and linotypes – those that help develop a new understanding of creativity within the modern society. Arts Printing house is a non-profit artist-run space based in the old town of Vilnius. Arts Printing House strives to bring about change and is the first infrastructural complex for creative industries in Lithuania. Our vision is to collect different types of independent performing arts projects into one place and allow them to share their artistic vision with the audience. Now the place is open up as a performing arts centre with 2 venues, 3 rehearsal spaces, offices for the young non-governmental organizations and resource library.
* Duration: (preferably) 1-4 weeks, 4-8 working hours per day
* Paid by artist: The space price which includes the place for performances and rehearsals, technical and adimistrative support, publicity, other help and guidance. Artists have to pay for their travel expenses, accommodation, food, working material, health insurance, local transport costs in the city.
* Space information and costs:
Studio II (171.45 square m / length: 20.34 m / width 8.43 m / height 3.5 m).
Price for 1 week – 100 Eur (1 day – 20 Eur)
The studio is suitable for a theater, contemporary circus and interdisciplinary projects. The floor is wooden and the studio has installed sound system.
Studio III (177.30 square m / length: 20.6 m / width 8.6 m / height 3.5 m)
Price for 1 week – 100 Eur (1 day – 20 Eur)
The studio is suitable for dance or contemporary circus projects. There is special dance floor and installed sound system.
Glass Hall (77 square m / height - 3,1/3,5 m)
Price for 1 week – 100 Eur (1 day – 20 Eur)
The studio is suitable for theatre rehearsals, workshops and seminars where a lot of installation is not needed.
Black Hall (271.26 square m / width: 19,8 m / depth 13,7 m / height - 7 m (to the catwalk)). Then the auditorium is used, stage width - 13,7 m, depth - 9,8 m
Price for 1 week – 700 Eur (1 day – 100 Eur, technichal rehearsal and constructs – 150 Eur).
Multifunctional black box style space could be transformed to the classic theatre, cinema, conference or concert hall. The hall is equipped with folding amphitheater, that can accommodate 203 spectators. When the amphitheater is folded, the space can accommodate about 300 standing spectators. There might be special dance floor and installed sound system.
Pocket Hall (64.6 square m / width 7.6 m / depth 8.5 m / height 3.2 m (to the pipes).
Price for 1 week – 350 Eur (1 day – 50 Eur, technichal rehearsal and constructs – 75 Eur)
Pocket Hall is a performance venue at Menu spaustuve, used for smaller scale performances, conferences, rehearsals and other events. There might be special dance floor and installed sound system.
Price for 1 week – 75 Eur.
The Office could be used for people who need quite and private work-enwiroment. It is best suitable for producers and managers.
* Accommodation information: If it is needed, we will help to find accommodation space. It can be arranged within a walking distance from the Arts Printing House in anapartment or hotel
* Application Guidelines and Criteria:

Completed application form + CV please return and send attachments to: till 25, May.