Nederlands Dans Theater 2 is one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies, under artistic guidance of choreographer Paul Lightfoot. The Dutch troupe is based in The Hague, but performs on a yearly basis for an international audience of 115,000 visitors in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Since its foundation in 1959, this rebellious pioneering company has built a rich repertoire of over 600 ballets by master choreographers such as Jiří Kylián, Hans van Manen, renowned house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, associate choreographers Crystal Pite and Marco Goecke, also high-profiled guests such as Johan Inger, Medhi Walerski, Alexander Ekman, Gabriela Carrizo, Franck Chartier, Hofesh Shechter, Edward Clug, with Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar.
Nederlands Dans Theatre 2 presents four performances in one night in Vilnius:
Sol León & Paul Lightfoot (Netherlands)
18th of June 6 PM, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Main Hall
Tickets: Tiketa.lt
@Rahi Rezvani
Music: Livingston & David (The Mills Brothers): “If I didn’t care” by Stan Freberg / Stone / Liebert: John & Marsha (Stan Freberg, 1950), Turner Layton & Clarence Johnstone: (Razaf-Denniker & Lawrence) S'posin' (1929), Olavi Virta: Sininen Huvimaja (Blue Pavilion, 1953), Arturo Cuartero: Nana a luisito, Livingston & David (The Mills Brothers): Sixty seconds got together (1938), Sterck, Sexton & Turner (Vera Lynn): Auf wiederseh'n, Sweetheart (1943), Keyes, Feaster, McRae & Edwards: SH-Boom (1954)
Light: Tom Bevoort
Decor and costumes: Sol León and Paul Lightfoot
Premiere: 2000
Duration: 25 min
Sol León and Paul Lightfoot created SH-BOOM! in 1994 for the annual Dancers Choreography Workshop, now called Switch. The piece marks the beginning of their successful collaboration and is therefore of great importance for the choreographic duo, not in the least because Sol herself performed in the piece. Combining a sense of humour with irony, SH-BOOM! expresses the way how people from different backgrounds conduct and relate to one another. Inspired by Francisco de Goya’s satirical black and white sketches, the dark side (irony) and the light side (humour) are masterfully intertwined.
Sol León (Córdoba, Spain) joined NDT 2 after graduating from the National Ballet Academy of Madrid in 1987. Two years later she joined NDT 1 and performed masterpieces of Jiří Kylián, Hans van Manen, Mats Ek and Ohad Naharin. She continued to dance up until 2003, when she decided to fully devote herself to choreography. León became artistic advisor for NDT in 2012.
Paul Lightfoot (Kingsley, England) studies at the Royal Ballet School in London. He joined NDT 2 and moved to NDT 1 two years later, where he danced until 2008. During his dancing career, Lightfoot started choreographing and together with Sol León created many pieces for NDT. Lightfoot became artistic director of NDT in 2011.
They both started creating as a duo for NDT more than 26 years ago. Together they won prestigious awards like the Benois de la Danse, the Herald Archangel, and have created more than fifty ballets.
mutual comfort
Edward Clug (Netherlands)
18th of June 6 PM, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Main Hall
Tickets: Tiketa.lt
@ Joris-Jan Bos
Music: Milko Lazar – PerpeTuumOVIA
Recording by: Het Balletorkest
Piano 1: Patricia de la Vega
Piano 2: Jeroen Bal
Cello 1: Larissa Groeneveld
Cello 2: Evelien Prakke
Light: Tom Visser
Decor and costumes: Edward Clug
Premiere: 2015
Duration: 13 min
Mutual comfort is detailed and sharply defined. Its most distinguishing feature tends to be twitchiness where the bodies flick and twitch so extremely and frequently that it can be interpreted as punctuation, a certain acknowledgment of the beat. As a choreographer, Clug is interested in highlighting the dancer’s individual experience by keeping it fresh in its approach. By doing so, his work leans towards emphasising a personal experience that arises from the process of creation that is led by illuminating human contradictions, imparting surprising moments of beauty and spontaneous irony.
In 1991, Edward Clug (Romania) was engaged as a soloist at the Slovene National Theatre (SNG) in Maribor where he made his first choreography. He became artistic director of the ballet in 2003, leading the company towards new and distinctive directions. As a choreographer he received international acclaim with his piece Radio and Juliet (2005), to the music of Radiohead. Clug debuted with Nederlands Dans Theater with this short creation for NDT 2. Mutual comfort led to rave reviews and thus marked his breakthrough in the Netherlands. In the 2015-2016 season, Clug created his second work for the company – Handman, which premiered in 2016.
Hans van Manen (Netherlands)
18th of June 6 PM, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Main Hall
Tickets: Tiketa.lt
@Joris-Jan Bos
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita No. 1 for violin in D-minor Corrente and Double (Presto) (BWV 1002). Violinist – Sigiswald Kuijken
Decor and costumes: Keso Dekker
Light: Joop Caboort
Premiere: 1997
Duration: 7 min
Hans van Manen created Solo for three NDT 2 dancers who portray a single man reexamining his place in the world. The high-pace movements on Bach’s violin partita require an extraordinary timing, and can therefore only be performed by the dancers interchanging one another.
The ballets by Hans van Manen (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) require risk, vitality and swing. From 1960 to 1971 Van Manen worked with NDT as a dancer (until 1963), choreographer and from 1961 as artistic director. From 1988 to 2003 he was NDT's house choreographer. He remains available to NDT for rehearsing and updating existing repertoire. His oeuvre now comprises more than 120 ballets (62 of which for NDT). Van Manen’s work is performed by dance companies worldwide.
Alexander Ekman (Netherlands)
18th of June 6 PM, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Main Hall
Tickets: Tiketa.lt
Rahi Rezvani
Music: Joseph Haydn: sonata No. V “Sitio” from Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am
Kreuze, Hoboken XX, 1B; Ludwig van Beethoven: string quartet No. 9 in C, Opus 59, section from: Andante con moto quasi allegretto; Franz Schubert: Presto from string quartet Der Tod und das Mädchen, arranged for orchestra by Andy Stein and for a string quartet by Gustav Mahler; Allegro by Joseph Haydn from string quartets Opus 9, No. 6 in A major. String quartet recorded by Harmen Straatman: Tinta Smidt von Altenstadt (first violin), Saskia Viersen (second violin), David Marks (alto violin), Artur Trajko (cello)
Light: Tom Visser
Decor and costumes: Alexander Ekman
Lyrics: Spenser Theberge
Premiere: 2010
Duration: 27 min
Alexander Ekman calls himself a rhythm freak as one of his trademarks is designing contemporary soundscapes. This choreography, for which he merely used classical music, resulted in a new arrangement of Schubert’s “Der Tod und das Mädchen”, created together with Holland Symphonia. In addition, the dancers become the instruments for the orchestra. Ekman used all dancers to challenge the audience to reflect on the way in which art is perceived.
After a dance career with Royal Swedish Ballet, Cullberg Ballet and NDT 2, Alexander Ekman (Sweden) decided to solely focus on choreography. For NDT 2 Ekman created the international hit Cacti (2010, nominated for the VSCD Zwaan Award 2010), Left Right Left Right (2012) and Maybe Two (2013) among other pieces. He created Definitely Two for NDT 1 for the 2013-2014 season.
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