New Baltic dance'17: Anton Ovchinnikov | Ukraine
13th of May 5 PM, Arts Printing House, Pocket Hall
Anton Ovchinnikov (Ukraine)
Idea and performance: Anton Ovchinnikov
Music: Didier Marouani
Premiere: 2015
Duration: 40 min
De.synchronization is the result of thinking about the logic of historical processes and the search for an answer to the question of how our past shapes our present. Can we change our present, not looking at the past? Is there at least some opportunity to safely get out of the conflict with myself without taking responsibility for everything that happens in my life?
Exploring the history of the country through the prism of individual mental and bodily experiences, the artist had examined pictures and texts whilst listening to the sounds and melodies of his youth. He moved along with the music that left a mark in the memory and in the body. What experience is more important? Is it possible to understand the peculiarities of his own memory, referring to the physicality? Trying to figure out whether his individual memory is a part of the collective memory, the author looks at the audience responding to the same question that he asks himself. This process is the basis of a sense of shared responsibility that exists as the sum of the individual responsibilities of the participants.
These studies formed into a mosaic, in which some memories overlap with the other in a pile and set unexplained accumulation of meaning that few seem to systematically place in the time structure. This mosaic of movements, thoughts, memories and emotions became the basis of the performance. When he was nearly ready for presentation of the work to the audience, he realised that it didn’t made sense to draw any conclusions. And the only visual conclusion that came forth over time was himself.
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