New Baltic dance'17: Liquid Loft | Austria
12th of May 8.30 PM, Arts Printing House, Black Hall
Liquid Loft (Austria)
"CANDY’S CAMOUFLAGE Imploding Portraits Inevitable"
Dance, performance: Stephanie Cumming, Katharina Meves, Karin Pauer
Choreography, artistic direction: Chris Haring
Composition, sound design: Andreas Berger
Light design, scenography: Thomas Jelinek
Costumes: Julia Cepp
Theory: Stefan Grissemann
Assistance rehearsals: Luke Baio
Texts: by the performers
Stage management: Roman Harrer
Video documentation: Michael Loizenbauer
Production assistance: Almud Krejza
International distribution: Line Rousseau, A PROPIC
Production management: Marlies Pucher
Thanks to: Anna Katharina Laggner, Roderich Madl, Mara Mattuschka, Fritz Ostermayer
Co-production: ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival & Liquid Loft
Liquid Loft is supported by: MA7 Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien (Cultural Department of the City of Vienna) and BKA Bundeskanzleramt Kunst & Kultur (Austrian Federal Chancellery Arts & Culture)
Premiere: 2016
Duration: 65 min
Candy’s Camouflage is based on the practice of autocorpography, a self-embodiment that is as much self-surveying and self-definition as it is self-publication. The dark shadows of the real bodies mix with the decolourised, silver-tinted images cast onto the background wall. A dark eroticism is at play in this piece, a form of libidinal autonomy: three human bodies bathed in cool light, relating themselves to one another. To grasp yourself always also means to draw up a portrait of yourself. The Imploding Portraits Inevitable series began with Liquid Loft’s productions Shiny, Shiny… and False Coloured Eyes, changes its shape with Candy’s Camouflage. It provides projections of the feminine, subjecting stereotypes and brittle clichés to a series of stress tests. Above all, it explores surfaces: the outer layer of people, the skin, as well as the fabrics one can use to cover, cloak it.
In this performance relishing in soul searching, blueprints of euphoria, longing, anger and madness set against each other, juggling with statuesque images of women that range from trash-goddess to Muslim to Oriental Queen. The performers feel their ways jumping across the epochs, touching on the mythological Victim-Perpetrators of the tragedies of Antiquity or the murderous strategists of Film Noir, also Warhol’s bored Chelsea Girls or punk and indie rock’s riot grrrls. Men remain absent, they’re not needed here, the environment belongs to the women – the femme fatales and the childlike strange, the dreamily raptured and the dramatically unbound.
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