New Baltic dance'17: Mariedl | Belgium
17th of May 7 PM, Arts Printing House, Black Hall
Mariedl (Belgium)
Choreography, directing, acting: Anne-Laure Lamarque and Emilie Maquest
Scenography: Sophie Carlier / Claire Farah
Costumes: Emilie Jonet
Light design: Giacomo Gorini
Sound design: Gilles Mortiaux
Dramaturgy: Diane Fourdrignier
Assistant choreographer: Jacob Ingram-Dodd
Wigs and make-up creation: Jean-Biche
Assistant director: Virginie Mopin
Production and artistic advisors: Mariedl – Coline Struyf and Selma Alaoui
Co-production: Les Brigittines with the help of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (Theatre Department), The Cultural Center Of Forest (BE) and of the National Dance Choreographic Center of Angers (FR).
Premiere: 2015
Duration: 50 min
Roubignoles is a subversive exploration of the intimacy and of the female identity; a sort of prime lab to experiment with myths and twist them; a burlesque cabaret in its codes, its manners, its colours and its potential derision. It’s a kind of chamber of curiosities in which two ancient creatures – half-women and half-beasts (real persons or mythological characters) – have been locked for years in order to perform each night a subversive and surreal show. Stripping of shells, striptease of clichés...
One of the main research angles of this artwork is to question the social body. How can the body stifled by culture and social habits be subverted? We are more interested in the state of "being" and "becoming" than in what is expected of us.
It is in order to go against the social constraints that we’re exploring singular hybrid body forms, proposing a complex reflection on the human? Because even if we are two young women who might fall within the beauty standards, we show that these older women live in both of us, also warriors, babies, animals, witches, mutants. Untamed and untamable bodies... How can we turn a bonsai body – a conventional body – into a body-to-be which has no idea of its next incarnation or of what it's going to tell? The notions of female identity, sexuality, gender are issues that guide our research. To this we add the notion of privacy, that is to say, how to stay connected to yourself, along with how to find a link to other people and, more importantly, to the world?
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