CREATurE Live Art
CREATurE Live Art is a carefully curated yearly festival, dedicated to live art only. We promote the liberty and the responsibility of live action, which might be thought-provoking, shocking, as well as soothing, nurturing ones tolerance, pushing the limits and breaking the boundaries one imagines to have.
CREATurE Live Art seeks to foster young artists as well as the audience, thus a natural part of activities of the festival are workshops and public non-formal lectures.
CREATurE Live Art holds that documenting is an important part of artistic practice, therefore always has time/space/techniques to capture photo/and-or/video as well as to screen documentation or video performances sent by our request by artists performing or those not having the possibility to perform live on the event itself.
CREATurE Live Art believes that (performance) art must be available to all, independently on their gender, providence, status, color, financial situation, religious or other beliefs, therefore all our events are free and not-face-controlled, expecting that our audience is as respectful towards others as they hope others to be towards them.
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