Tristan and Isolde

22nd May 18:30, Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

A ballet in 2 acts to the music by Richard Wagner / Henk de Vlieger
Libretto by Krzysztof Pastor, Carel Alphenaar
Henk de Vlieger - orchestral passion "Tristan and Isolde" after Richard Wagner's opera "Tristan und Isolde"
Richard Wagner - "Wesendonck Lieder"
Choreographer – Krzysztof Pastor
Music Director and Conductor – Modestas Pitrėnas
Conductor – Modestas Barkauskas (09. 19)
Set Designer – Adomas Jacovskis
Costume Designer – Aleksandra Jacovskytė
Light Designer – Levas Kleinas
Premiere: 15 September, 2012
“I was absolutely fascinated by the story, it is so strange, even a little naïve – and this incredible love... I also discovered that Wagner had fallen in love with Mathilde Wesendonk, the wife of his patron at the time he was writing about the forbidden love of Tristan and Isolde. It was all so connected!”
~ Krzysztof Pastor on "Tristan and Isolde"
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