NBD'15: "C.a.p.e. Brussels"; "C.a.p.e. Horror"; "C.a.p.e. Anima"
CREW | Belgium

7–12th May, Arts Printing House, II Studio

Tickets:Tiketa.lt (and free watching by registration on space@dance.lt)

Artistic director, creator of „C.a.p.e. Brussels“ and „C.a.p.e. Tohoku“ – Eric Joris
Artistic assistance and creator of „C.a.p.e. KIT“ – Chantalla Pleiter
Technological development – Vincent Jacobs
Technological coordination – Koen Goossens
Executive management – Vicky Vermoezen
Artistic management – Valery De Smedt
Production – CREW (B)
Premiere: 2010, 2012, 2014
Duration: 30 min