New Baltic dance'17: Roland Rowiński | Poland
14th of May, 3 PM, Arts Printing house, Pocket hall
Free entrance
Roland Rowiński (Poland)
presents a feature film:
"Dancing 4 U"
Director: Roland Rowiński
Screenplay: Edyta Kozak, Roland Rowiński
Director of photography: Tomasz Wójcik
Scenography: Bogdan Zajączkowski
Editing: Marceli Majer
Choreography: Edyta Kozak
Sound director: Piotr Bańka
Production executive: Michał Olejnik
Producer: Anna Szaniawska
A feature film Dancing 4 U by Roland Rowiński, with the scenario by Kozak and featuring her, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Magdalena Walach and Paweł Królikowski, was based on the solo of Kozak and constituted an attempt to look behind the scenes of a theatre and at the life of a dancer.
It is a contemporary comedy of manners set in the failing independent cultural center in Warsaw among its employees and artists aspiring to the world of art.
Main protagonists – an unfulfilled director with a huge ego and emotionally unstable idealist dancer, keep on fighting with each other, implement personal motives into their laboriously developed performance and seek the truth, which is indispensable in art, in their private lives.
Dancing 4 U is a story about the reality and fiction infiltrating one other, posing questions about the influence of artist’s personal life on their creative work and the borders between privacy and what is happening on stage.
This film is a part of the project “Trilogy of Dance”. The presentation of the project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and Adam Mickiewicz Institute.
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