Liza Baliasnaja. Residual.
Liza Baliasnaja invites you for a cozy evening of sharing. She will present a little research fragment from her period of work in a residency at Arts Printing House.
In this research Liza observes ‘the immaterial’ and the poetics that come along with it. While concentrating on dance choreography as a major point of interest, she looks for simulation tactics that would allow her to experience ungraspable, slightly unreasonable but yet powerful sensibility.
While being fully constructed in her dance, Liza questions the constitution of performance space and time shared together. She therefore looks for harmonious performance practice which would become an act of collective experience.
*Short biography
Liza Baliasnaja is a dance artist from Lithuania. She started her dance education in Artez/Netherlands.After one year of studies Liza was selected to join P.A.R.T.S in Belgium, Brussels - performing arts, research and training studios directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaker. As a result of 3 year Training Cycle, her approach towards movement is based on a wide range of dance techniques and body works she has been studying over past years. Nevertheless, her creative practices are strongly related to theory and more analytical approach towards dance and choreography. Liza participated in multiple seminars with theoreticians and artists in the field of contemporary dance, thus continuously developing her autonomous field of interests. In 2015 she made "Klymaxless", for "Aura" Dance theater in Lithuania, which was premiered in a festival "New Baltic Dance'16" in Vilnius. Her latest work “ Commensurate to be with” has been presented in Kaaistudios/ Brussels and Vooruit /Ghent. Recently she has been involved as a performer in the works of Mårten Spångberg and Eszter Salamon.
admission free
Duration: 40