Three Uses of the Knife
New forms and readings of performance in contemporary art.

The event takes place

at Arts Printing House, Black Hall (Šiltadaržio 6, Vilnius)
7 PM 29th of November, 2013
Free entrance
The fifth edition of the annual seminars’ series Three Uses of the Knife is dedicated to explore what and how new economies, formats and strategies shape contemporary performance-related art. The latter today is widely integrated into exhibition programs in museums and large-scale art events such as Whitney Biennial, NY, or dOCUMENTA, Kassel, and, thus, is often discussed in terms of service and experience economies. However, performance-related art practice resists full and smooth integration into institutional framework and creates a number of challenges both for institutions and performance artists.
Simultaneously performance art experienced several shifts within its own paradigm: it integrated such disciplines as dance and theater, or even hypnosis. Performances take part not only on stage or in institution but also in bodies and minds of the viewers.
All these shifts are taking place in a close relation to things and objects that participate in the performances, and later are suspended in a limbic condition between a common artefact and an autonomous display object. Are and how things are performing to us and each other?
The Three Uses of the Knife series will be distributed into four days according to the three major questions of explorations: Things and objects in performances; Internal performances of body and mind; performance-related art and institution. The audience will meet and hear presentations by Éric Mangion (FR); Myriam Lefkowitz (FR) in conversation with Kristupas Sabolius (LT), Pascal Rousseau (FR) & Marcos Lutyens (USA); Alicia Frankovich & Stephanie Rosenthal (UK) accordingly.
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