Dance performance - TIDENJECT
Choreography and Performance:
Ine Dubois (BE), Maciej Piotr Beczek (PL) Paulius Prievelis (LT)
Music - Andrius Stakelé (LT)
Lights - Mantas Bartusevičius (LT)
Graphic design - Viktorija Janulyte (LT)
TIDENJECT/TANKUMAS is a physical dance theatre performance in which three young dance makers from Lithuania, Poland and Belgium are meeting each other in and through dance.
Out of psychophysical impulses and situations which are describing their relationship towards themselves, each other and their environment, characters expose their personal stories in the manner of a memory or a dream. In a search what is uniting and disconnecting, the fundamental feelings who are making them human, get mixed and condensed rising existentional questions.
Stars heavier than eight times the mass of the Sun end their lives very suddenly. When they run out of fuel, they swell into red supergiants. They try to keep alive by burning different fuels, but this only works for a few million years. Then they blow themselves apart in a huge supernova explosion. For a week or so, the supernova outshines all of the other stars in its galaxy. Then it quickly fades. All that is left is a tiny, dense object – a neutron star or a black hole – surrounded by an expanding cloud of very hot gas. (interactive link:
Tickets - 6 / 8 EUR. (25% discount for students, seniors, dissabled)
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