Performance …Press Release
Time: up to 9578 heart beats or ~50min.
Idea and performance: Petras Lisauskas & Saulius Petreikis
Language: English, music & body
Peotry: Yours, mine & Kabir’s
Tools: projector, scissors & the winds
“…this is a press release of press(sure) release, using overhead projector to project “head over” to open heart…when heart is beating rithms of yours, mine and Kabir’s poems”
Petras Lisauskas- charismatic, very exceptional improviser. Already in a student years he actively participated in the Lithuanian cintemporary dance world. In 12 creative years Petras has created over 40 roles in contemporary dance , theater , street performances , and created choreography for 10 performances also tested himself as a drama director . One of the roles in movie acting was awarded with "Silver Crane " award, and all Petras Lisauskas creative work was awarded by Lithuanian Ministry of Culture "Young artist" prize in 2013 .
Saulius Petreikis – one of the few people in Europe who has a unique collection of musical instruments from all over the world and is using them to create and perform his own music. While playing music he connects light-playfulness and deep sincerity, spontaneous expression, and inclination to a synthesis of different styles. Saulius Petreikis collaborates with different Lithuanian and foreign artists, not only musicians, but dancers, actors and directors too. Saulius Petreikis has created music for 7 performances, released 5 albums of his own music and has participated in more than 30 albums of other musicians.
Tickets before event 10€
For students 7€
For Dance professionals 5€