New Baltic dance'17: Ben Fury and Simon Thierrée | Belgium
20th of May 7.30 PM, Arts Printing House, Yard
Free entrance
Ben Fury and Simon Thierrée (Belgium)
Le Cauchemar de Darwish
Idea and choreography: Ben Fury and Simon Thierrée
Music: Simon Thierrée
Thanks to: Sophia Moussa
Premiere: 2016
Duration: 20 min
I am from here and from there,
I am neither from here or there,
I have two names which tangle and untangle and I have two languages...
Mahmoud Darwish
One dancer, one violinist and his machines. An enticing non-didactic piece about a possible understanding, an obvious brotherhood. Le Cauchemar de Darwish consists in a transformation, one simple and traditional step within a solo dance, in a hundred footsteps circle.
The origin of Le Cauchemar de Darwish is the will to dance a short piece in the middle of the audience. The inspiration also comes from traditional Middle Eastern dance used for celebrations and weddings, the dabkeh.
Music is central to Le Cauchemar de Darwish. It takes us on a ride through ornamented refrains in the Berber style taqtoqa jebelia, passing by raw sounds from trap music – dubstep’s electronic sister and hip-hop’s unruly daughter. The spirit of the popular Moroccan band Jil Jilala, influenced by gnawa and Berber cultures hovers over the piece. The two artists sing one of the band’s most famous songs a cappella, initiating a pulsating circle – amplified until deconstructed.
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