New Baltic dance'17 CLOSING NIGHT: Club Guy & Roni | Slagwerk Den Haag | Netherlands
20th of May 6 PM, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Main Hall
Club Guy & Roni | Slagwerk Den Haag (Netherlands)
Directed and choreographed by: Guy Weizman and Roni Haver
Music composition: Frank Wienk and Niels Broos
Dramaturgy: Veerle van Overloop
Musical director: Fedor Teunisse
Featuring: Joanne van den Bos, Camilo Chapela, Albert Delfos, Kevin Duurken, Noah Halsema, Carin Halsema, Roni Haver, Angela Herenda, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Adam Peterson, Igor Podsiadly, Martijn Veldman and Frank Wienk
Stage design: Ascon de Nijs
Costumes: Slavna Martinovic
Light: Wil Frikken
Sound: Simon Derks
Premiere: 2016
Duration: 75 min
At times it almost feels like happiness is a must… But you can also discover great beauty in sadness. Happiness is an absurd and bittersweet comedy about a family who aren't exactly what you would call conventional. Sweet, weird and eccentric people who choose their own bumpy road in life. They are awkward, maladjusted and do things other people would consider perverse. Their desire to find happiness is grand and colourful. They'd rather find their own path, wherever it may lead.
The dancers and the musician are accompanied on stage by six real people, aged 8 to 71 years old. The music for this performance is written by Frank Wienk (Binkbeats, Slagwerk Den Haag) and Niels Broos (The Kyteman Orchestra). Happiness is a tragic comedy in the tradition of films like Todd Solondz’s “Happiness” and Wes Anderson’s “The Royal Tenenbaums”. Stories about dysfunctional families that catch you off guard and leave you wondering whether you should laugh or cry…
NRC Handelsblad: “A strong piece by choreographers Weizman and Haver about the beauty of imperfection” (Francine van der Wiel).
Watch the teaser of this performance here