The Woman Who Didn't Want to Come Down to Earth

10th May 5.30 PM, Kauno kamerinis teatras (Kęstučio g. 74A, Kaunas)

Created, designed and performed by Gabrielle Neuhaus
Music: D.Scarlatti, J.S.Bach, original soundmix
Video editing - Ayala Ehrlich
Lighting design - Gaurav Sharma
Duration 50 min.
Part 1: The Woman Who Didn't Want to Come Down to Earth
Part 2: Hanging
Part 3: Walking on Water
This miniseries deals with the life of a woman who refuses to touch ground. Confronted with external threats and demands, she obeys neither rules nor gravity and reaches absurd and extreme situations. Each episode portraits with humour and surreal imagery the woman´s personality, as she follows with dogged termination her own path.
Starting with a comics-style indoors aerial trip through a living room in which furniture become both obstacle and support in her quest to avoid encroaching dust, the piece soon develops a darker mood. She tentatively begins to take charge of her new surroundings before finding in a triumphant, yet fragile new existence.
The Woman Who Didn't Want to Come Down to Earth
Gabrielle Neuhaus was born in Switzerland and is a dancer, actor and performance artist. After a dance career in Europe, she came to live in Israel and started to build an interdisciplinary line of work for art galleries, museums, theatres and concert & dance venues. Her work includes site specific pieces, time based happenings, stage performances and collaborations with artists of various fields. Next to her individual work, she also works with Clipa Theatre in Tel Aviv and teaches various forms of dance and theater.