NBD'15: "Jemina – Act as you'd know her"
Helsinki Dance Company | Finland

10th May 5 PM, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Main Hall

Tickets: Tiketa.lt
Choreography, concept, performance – Jyrki Karttunen
Composition, sound design, performance – Tuomas Fränti
Character director – Heidi Räsänen
Lighting and set design – Tiiti Hynninen
Costume design – Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Make-up design – Tuija Luukkainen
Texts: Jyrki Karttunen, Heidi Räsänen
Original production by: Karttunen Kollektiv in cooperation with Zodiak – Center for New Dance
„Jemina – Act as you'd know her“ is presented as the North and Baltic dance dissemination network project.
Premiere: 2012
Duration: 75 min